Thursday, 14 August 2014

Unboxing X-Wing: Rebel GR-75 Medium Transport

So here's my first X-Wing unboxing. I know there's plenty of them out there already, and made by people who actually know stuff about the game (I have only played it a couple of times so far). But well I do my own anyway so you get an unboxing from a total n00b:s perspective.

So on to it then, the GR-75 Medium Transport, as seen in the good old movies.

Quite a lot of content in this box, apart from the GR-75 and all things tailored (cards, tokens etc.) for it you also get an X-Wing, which is always nice. 

You get a a lot of Tokens , both old and new as you can see. 

The ships looks really nice, don't know if the scale is right to be honest but it looks fine either way.

Love the details on the GR-75, and the paint job is actually really nice with different colors on the cargo containers and what not. Really impressed actually. 

The paint job of the new X-Wing in this box is also really nice. Not only does it offer you a alternative color scheme it's also much more well painted that the first edition ones (at least the ones I have) as you can see above. I'm even consider not doing any painting upgrades on this one.

As you can see, big difference. 

One Ion Token card, six W-Wing pilots where's the four named ones is new. And one Ship card for your GR-75.

You get 20 Damage Cards for your GR-75. 10 Fore and 10 Aft. as you can see on the bottom of the cards. 

You get a total of 24 Upgrade cards in the box, among them two upgrade cards for only the GR-75, you also get three titles for this ship. Some other interesting cards for games other than with Huge ships is the Flachette Torpedoes who you get three of (you only get them with the E-Wing otherwise)

You get four crew cards but these only work with Huge Ships, you also get four Astromechs which can only be found in the box so far. 
I like this box really much, I was impressed by the details of the GR-75 and the paint work on both of the ships. You also get a lot of nice stuff even if you aren't going to play a lot of games with Huge Ships. You get four new pilots for your X-wings, new Astromechs and other usefull cards as the Flachette Torpedoes. Nice mix of stuff and awesome looking ships, what more do you need?

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