Thursday, 14 August 2014

WIP Wednesday: Warriors of Chaos

Well I'm in the spot right now where I could have shown you any of twenty other models that are in the WIP stage right now and I want to finish soon. Right now I can't seem to focus on what to paint so I do a little bit of everything (I'm sure all of us have been there right?). The problem is I also want to actually finish something. I have some models very near completion and I don't have a lot more to do on these two that I want to show you.

These are really testmodels though, a Nurgle Knight not made from my blue Nurgle Warriors and a brand new "undividied" Forsaken. The Forsaken will probably be used as either Slaneesh as this guy or Khorne but really don't want to do two full units of them so I do something in between to it can represent any god. Still some work to be done here but I like so far.

Also have a Nurgle chariot in the works in the background.
That's all for today stay tuned for more finished models and any other random blog post I might do.

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