Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Vulcan Battlesuit (new version)

This time I will do an unboxing of the new version of the Vulcan Battlesuit for Bauhaus, I got this one as an replacement for my second wave (kickstarter version) Vulcan which had some defects. So big thanks to Prodos for handling this in such a good manner.

So this is not the normal retail version, well you get the same miniature but I don't have a box and the cards are from the Bauhaus starter set (I'm pretty sure they are the same though so don't matter), just so you know that it may differ from your normal retail version (though I doubt it) Well on to the unboxing then....

You get a sprue with the different arms, legs and feet. 

The main body, nicely detailed. The head design which isn't my personal favorite is the same as the new Juggernauts.

A lot more steam punk in this design compared to the old KS version. 

You get six cards, not great in my opinion. Also based on the old design. 

It was quite easy to assemble, a little tricky with the legs if you will try to achieve some movement like I did here. But other than that lovely to put together and hardly any moldlines and no bubbles at all.  

The guns are bigger and looks much better than the previous version. 

There's no question what corporation this walker belongs to. 

I magnetized the arms so I can switch between the two arm configurations. It was relatively easy to do but if you want both configurations to look okey you need to angle them like I did. If you don't want to do some more extensive conversion work. This is because how the hands/weapons fit into the arms.

Also here's a comparison to the old KS version and the new, quite a change don't you think?

In this pic you really see the difference in detail on the two versions. 
At first I was really sceptical to the new version. It is much more influenced on the old 2ed Vulcans and those aren't my favorite models in the old range. But this is a really nice model, I still like the old version as well. But If I had to choose I probably go with the new one, just because the details are so much better. Longer legs for the new version would have made it the ultimate version I think (and a change on the helmet) but I still really like this new version.

Ruleswise the Vulcans are really good in the game, so if you are going to roll with Bauhaus as your corporation, you will probably get a couple of these. And you will not be sorry.


  1. The new version looks much better. Can't wait to see it painted!


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