Sunday, 31 August 2014

Final hours of the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarfs Quest kickstarter!

Just some hours left now of this second best funded KS by Mantic (so far) and is nearing the 1 Million mark. I just added like $100 more into my pledge because there's so much stuff I want. I you haven't already, go and check this Kickstarter out as there's still time.

Here's the latest update from Mantic, hopefully we will see some more in the final hours of this KS.

The Tyrant Rises!

A-mazing. What a result!!!
That is the third and probably final expansion locked in and nailed down.
So, what does that mean?
Well, it means the Tyrant of Halpi has taken flight, ready to do battle with your mighty crop of heroes! There are an array of new missions that’ll see your heroes explore the Dwarven Mine and the cave network beneath the mountains, whilst you’ll break out into the open and fight the tyrannical Karrathor in the brand new open world tiles…
The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion Pack is now available to add-on to your pledge!
But we’re not done yet – we’re going to just keep peppering your pledge with cool freebies that take us as far as we need to go. Let us know in the comments what you want to see between now and the end!
In the mean time, let's get some more stuff for your Dungeon Master pledge shall we?
New Stretch Goals
$940,000 BONUS The Black Fortress Campaign Pack
When we hit this stretch goal, we will produce a narrative campaign set in the depths of the Black Fortress!
Overrun by all manner of dungeon critters, goblins and undead gribblies, this campaign will strongly focus on Orlaf and the party of adventurer's he assembles as he seeks to rescue a damsel in distress – and princess of his tribe - from the clutches of the dark forces that reside in the Fort!
When we break this stretch goal, we will include the scenarios free in your Kickstarter-exclusive Dungeon Journal, giving you a new campaign that you can play and more game for your money!
$965,000 BONUS Dungeon Tile Clips
Stopping the tiles from moving has been a concern for a few people, and we’ve created a solution that is both elegant and that won’t damage your tiles.
The tiles simply slot into our simple connector system, which grips them softly, but prevents the tiles from moving around. This means that if you knock the board (and believe me, we’ve tested this) the tiles stay firmly together but when you take them apart, they do so without any damage. This means no frayed edges like you get with a jigsaw system too.
If we hit this stretch goal, we will include a set of Dungeon Tile Clips free in:
- Dungeon Master pledge level ($100 and Early Bird)
- The Halls of Dolgarth tile pack ($25)
- The Black Fortress tile pack ($25)
This’ll mean that when you build your Dungeon, or play a campaign over the weekend, you can rest assured knowing that your specially designed map won't be destroyed when you return in the morning.
There's nothing we can do if the cat knocks over your figures though, that's just unfortunate.
We're building up to a big seven-digit number - utterly incredible. Let's see how far we can take this rollercoaster ride!
Oh go on, then one more - a new backer goal!
5,500 Backers Winter’s Knight, a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook by Matt Gilbert
The last game book went down so well, Matt Gilbert has agreed to write new one – so if you can’t wait until August to get your Dungeon Saga goodies, now you’ll have a second adventure to delve into!
"Deep in the frozen North, rumours are spreading that the green skins are gathering in the mountains and preparing for invasion. Goblin tribes are flocking to the range known as the Jagged Teeth. Orc krudgers have been seen goading their war bands and slaves through the treacherous passes night and day and lumbering trolls are brazenly patrolling the heights. Even bandits and outlaws, the most desperate of folk, have fled before the swelling horde, becoming the messengers of doom. They claim that something has stirred in the ancient ruins of the fortress known as Elfsbane, a stronghold with a dark past. Something is gathering an army.
Something, or someone must be stopped.
Winter's Knight is a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook in which YOU are the hero!
Dare you take on the challenge? Many of us found our way into this hobby via Adventure Gamebooks like this and so this makes Winter’s Knight an ideal accompaniment to the Dwarf King’s Quest board game: classic dungeon crawling and adventuring in two great formats!
So find those 2 dice and an eraser, sharpen that pencil and get ready to take on the might of the Shadow King."
If we break 5,500 backers, we will include a digital copy of this book in every copy of theDungeon Master pledge level ($100 and Early Bird).
We will also print a run on demand and make them available to add-on to your pledge for $5 if you would like a physical cop :)
There we go - have at it folks! Plenty of goodies still to come - less than 5 hours to go!!

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