Sunday, 10 August 2014

News: Dungeon Saga continues to grow

Mantic's newest Kickstarter featuring the dungeon crawler game called Dungeon Saga: The Dwarfs Kings Quest is breaking new pledge and is already having more backers than all other Mantic Kickstarters before accept Mars Attacks and Deadzone. There's a lot of time left and much more stuff do unlock, but as you can see below the main box is growing and is by now a really nice deal if you ask me.

In update 17 we also got some info on what's in store for future updates. Really looking forward seeing how they handle the add on expansion and what more we can unlock in this KS campaign. So far I really like what I see and especially now when you can also do solo play so you can play the game yourself if you want to and “Fully Co-op” which means every player plays as the heroes and the AI cards handles the Necromancer. If you haven't already go and check is KS out.

New Stretch Goal

$315,000 – BONUS HERO: Kapoka, Dryad Druid Shapeshifter

Dryads are a long-lived race. They have cared for the forests of the world since time immemorial, and it is rare indeed to see them outside of their wooded realm. Kapoka is one of these few exceptions, his home having been brutally vandalised by an Orc and Goblin army which passed through it. Furious, Kapoka took his leave of the forest to track down the Orc warlord responsible. His natural magical talents rival those of any human druid, and he is able to heal his allies and visit magical destruction on his foes with equal ease.

Kapoka marks a new phase of this Kickstarter campaign.

When the initial funding goal got hit we had a great dungeon crawler on our hands with loads of cool extras like the Adventurer’s Companion, Dungeon Journal and Keldan figure. Since then we’ve been piling stuff into the pledge level as the funding we’ve achieved has allowed us to tool new undead and hero models for the boxed game, as well as exciting new game modes like Solo Play and the A.I. cards, and new Kickstarter Exclusives.

Kapoka however is different: he is not going in the boxed game.

Instead, Kapoka heralds in the first expansion for the game, which has a working title of Dungeon Saga: The Warlord of Galahir. It will see new monsters, new Dungeon tiles, new scenarios, cards, counters and more, in a low-cost Optional Add-on that allows you to go beyond the Undead and play through an all-new adventure with your heroes!

However, we’re not done with The Dwarf King’s Quest boxed game yet and as the funding becomes available, there are some components that we would love to upgrade to plastic. There is also some new stuff that could become possible to add-in.

With that in mind, this second phase is looking very exciting indeed and could open up the doors for a world of new free goodies and more.

If we break this stretch goal, we will produce Kapoka and add him free to your pledge of Dungeon Master ($100 and Early Bird).

Kapoka is a shapeshifter and brings about the Druid class, meaning you’ll be turning nature against your enemies and transforming into nightmarish, animalistic alternate forms. A bear would be quite fun, no?
Kapoka can also be used to represent a male Dryad character in your own adventure.

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  1. Still a long way to go to make it a hundred dollar game.


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