Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Deadzone KS Wave 2

Hey there guys, sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. Have a rough time at the moment with family and stuff so haven't been doing much hoybbing at all the last two weeks.

Hopefully things will work out soon and I will be back as usual, but until then I won't do as many posts as I usually do.

But enough of that, I got a big package last week, and it's some of the last things to arrive from the Deadzone Kickstarter (some items comes in Wave 3) wave 2!

Here you can see all the goodies, there's bags with miniatures and parts, books, scenery sprues, the new zombie sprues for DZ (will do an unboxing of these soon) and some other goodies like cards, dice and what not.

Will go a little more in depth on some things that I got, like the books and some of the miniatures. But overall I think the quality have gone up since wave 1 and I'm very pleased with what I got. 

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