Monday, 15 September 2014

Miniature Monday: Empire Celestial Hurricanum WIP

It's short Mini Monday today, have several projects in the pipeline at the moment and one of them is to finally finish painting my Celestial Hurricanum. It's have taken some work I can tell you, I have built,  converted and painted a model much similar (my War Altar of Morr) and there's just so much stuff going on and so much stuff that need paint it takes forever and it's driving me crazy!

Well you have to do some parts at a time to make it easier, but it's just so many parts! I have now painted mostly of the main chassis but still some interior and other stuff to do. The horses are mostly done but need some more paint as well. My goal is to finish the horses, the base and the main chassi and focus on the swirling planets and what not and the crew after this.

I'm sure it will look great when it's finished, at least that is what I'm going for... but damn it takes a lot of time to paint up. Will probably never do an Luminark because I don't want to paint one more of these wagons (might change my mind if they are totally OP next ed :P ).


  1. I can see why that model would take an exceptional amount of time to paint. There seems to be nearly endless levels of details, nooks, and crannies. Looks really good though! The purple and yellows really go well together.

    1. Thanks Greg. Yea it's pain in the butt to paint but hopefully the end result will make up for it.


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