Sunday, 14 September 2014

Warriors of Chaos: Rare Choices

There's a lot of Rare choices in the Warriors of Chaos army, and a lot of different types as well. I have just completed a few of them so far, but more will come in the future. I have a Shaggoth, another Hellcannon and a Chaos Giant as some of the future projects for my WoC army.

But here's what Iv'e finished so far.

Mutalith Vortex Beast
I had to start with this guy, I really love the model and it's probably one of the best paint jobs Iv'e done as well so I quite proud of him. Took forever to paint up but was also really fun to paint. I actually followed GW's Painting Guide for the iPad when I did the colors for him so If you want to do something similar try download that. For more pics, go here.

Often considered one of the best units in the game, of course I needed to paint some of them up. I did them in the blue colors as the rest of my army. I don't want an full blue army anymore so I will change it, still don't really know how though and it pains me that I have to redo them as I think the actual paint job is nice, just the wrong colors. I will probably go with black instead of the blue and do some more red, maybe continue on the lava/magma thing I have going on on the weapons. For pictures showing the old blue color scheme go here.

This piece is a classic by now. Many do convert other models to represent the Hellcannon but I think it looks so good on it's own it's a shame not paint at least one of them up. I own two of them and both av them are in Finecast and is much easier to assemble than the old metal ones. The paint job is inspired by the Eavy Metal team who did a new paint job when they released the Finecast version, when I saw it I knew I had to get one and do a similar color scheme, I'm very pleased with how it turned out in the end. Took a long time to finish though. More pictures can be found here.

Chaos Spawn
I have plenty of the spawns on the to do list (mostly because I have the models) but I finished this old classic metal model first as it where painted but not finished for quite some time. I like the old model even if you get a lot more diversity in the new plastic kit. The paint job is not special really but it looks okey in my opinion. More pictures can be found here.


  1. Absolutely stunning colors. So bright and vivid. The vortex beast may be my new favorite model, based solely on your rendition of him!

    1. Oh big thanks Greg, yea it's definitely one of the best paintjobs Iv'e done so very happy with him.


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