Wednesday 3 September 2014

Unboxing & First impressions: Nagash Book I-II

Believe it or not this is actually the first unboxing Iv'e done for Warhammer Fantasy. And why not start with the new Nagash books which actually comes in a nice little box (or slipcase to be more precise). I also got a little notebook (as you can see above).

The two books feels great and have really nice covers. 

The two books sits in a high quality and thick slipcase (pic on the left is upside down, sorry) and you see that the other side is having a 'one' for the whole tome so as we can expect the rest of the books in the End Times series/campaign will follow this design. Which is awesome.

Don't want to smell that breath but Nagash sure looks menacing on the front cover of book I.
 So book one consist of the new fluff pretty much, it explains the current situation for each of the armies in Warhammer and then explains all the battles going between this armies. Iv'e yet to read it but the layout is really nice and I like the fact that they show you the different armies, what heroes they have and some of their regiments and how these look. There's a lot of beautiful artwork both old and new, pictures of nicely painted models clashing in epic battles and even maps showing how the battles progress.

296 pages of awesome, can't wait to read it. It will take some time to go through this though.

There's a lot of pictures of armies clashing, with terrain and backgrounds to make it look even more cool.

There's a lot of nice artwork.

Love these parts where they explain the armies.

The last page sets the tone for the next book. 

Book II has the painted model of Nagash on the front cover, really nice as well. 
This book is the gaming part, it's a 96-page volume that contains new scenarios and rules based on the events in Warhammer: Nagash Book 1. Here's the layout is more like an army book. You get the new rules for Nagash, Vlad von Carstein, Valten, Crom the Conquer, the new Morghast's and the four Mortarch's (Mannfred, Arkhan, Neferata and Krell). An interesting thing here is that that the mounted Mortarch's have a combined profile with their mounts. Maybe something we will see more of in the future?

New terrain special rules, and awesome pictures on how these looks. 

A lot of rules regarding the new armies that follow Nagash, the Undead Legions, combined Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings pretty much but with some new rules as well. 

The Morghasts.

Each  of the important battles has their own scenarios.

First Impressions
I love these books so far, so many nice pictures and stuff to read that I don't know where to start almost. Really nice quality on everything and the design and layout is spot on. It feels like very well made books that have been taking a lot of time to make, and it really shows. Can't wait to read them through more and I might do more of an review when I feel I have looked it trough enough.


  1. I got this on Monday too (did a less good review on my blog). It is a fantastic product and I am very excited to get to playing this massive campaign. Really enjoyed the post. Thank you

    1. Thanks, really liked your review as well though, so consider your blog added to the blog roll and keep up the good work! :D

  2. Great review. Just makes me more excited and anxious to get my hands on these. The wait is killing me!

    1. Thanks man! Yeah I'm really excited to see the rest of the books as well.


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