Monday, 1 September 2014

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Vorreiters finished!

The Vorreiter tracked bike is a valued tool in the Bauhaus armoury and is esteemed not only for the finely engineered Bauhausian technology they represent, but also for the tactics their pilots employ. Vorreiter pilots are drawn from the megacorporation’s many ranks of Hussars. When natural skill and tendency towards mechanical mounts is noted, a recommendation is made for the Hussar to advance through the ranks. Successful candidates enter the 4RB-training program. Those that pass the training enter the hallowed ranks of the Vorreiter pilots; failures re-join their former regiment and must wear a badge of dishonour showing a black cross, superimposed with an image of a Vorreiter Bike. 
The paired weapons are controlled by the pilot using buttons integrated into its steering bar. Vorreiter squadrons often play small, but vital roles in larger missions, working to outflank or distract the opponent whilst a larger strike force attacks from the front. Often they play the part of outriding scouts or messengers. On occasion, the Vorreiters may embark on heroic and key missions, especially when it is vital to disrupt enemy plans. Such Seek-and-Destroy missions add to their illustrious image and arrogance. Like their Lizard-Riding Mounted Hussar counterparts, the Vorreiters also excel as reconnaissance troops.
Text from the Prodos Shop
Feels like forever since I finished a model, but here is not one but two! And it's the Vorreiters for my Warzone Bauhaus force. They are light vehicle choices in the Bauhaus force and quite good in game from what Iv'e heard at least. Looking forward trying them out on the battlefield now when they are painted up and everything.

Quite easy to paint actually, not as keen on the second one as I did it darker but hey it works okay anyway. Not my favorite models in the Bauhaus range but I like them more now when painted and fits in nicely together with the rest of the Hussars.  

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