Monday, 6 October 2014

Miniature Monday: Empire Crossbowmen

I'm painting a lot of different stuff right now and among them are some backlog projects for my Empire army. Like this Crossbowmen unit, it needed one more model and some touch ups on the rest to make them look nice with the rest of the army. So I did and a magnatized unit tray as well so here's the result.

A nice unit tray makes the whole unit look much better, and a lot easier to move around when you play. 

Still love to paint my Empire in Ostermark colors. 

The last dude had to stand a little taller because the unit is hard to rank up otherwise. 

Have some more backlog projects for my Empire, next up is a Handgunners unit. My Hurricanum and try to finish my Greatswords unit and Knights of the Black Rose unit. 

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