Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Brotherhood Sacred Warriors

Dedicated solely to fighting the forces of the Dark Soul, Sacred Warriors hold no fear of death. They live in cloistered isolation and rarely mix with outsiders. Those hours not spent training to the very highest possible levels of martial skill are devoted to studying the Word, prayer, meditation and adoration of the Cardinal. The result is a cadre of warrior-monks utterly dedicated to their mission of confronting the Darkness wherever it may be found.

Flavour text from the Prodos Shop

Classic cover art from Studio Parente

Another unboxing, and this time it's the updated versions of the Sacred Warriors. I don't have any of the Kickstarter version so can't compare them unfortunately. But from what Iv'e heard these new ones are much better than the old ones, easier to put together, sturdier swords etc. So on to the unboxing.

All the stuff you get in the box, note that the building instructions are for the old models

A closer look on the miniatures, as you can see four parts per model.

Really nice details and design

One stat card, two strategy cards, two tactical cards and my favorite of the bunch the gear card Shield of Light.

I haven't glued on the shields on some of them to make it easier to paint them. I had to straighten the swords a little in hot water but it was really easy to do. All in all really nice looking miniatures with just a few moldlines.


All in all a great kit, really nice looking miniatures and easy to assemble. As torsos and legs are together you are a little limited when it comes to poses. But the minis themselves are so dynamic I don't think this is a big problem at all.

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