Tuesday, 14 October 2014

News: Prodos shows more new kits for Warzone: Resurrection

Oh my god it will be a expensive time for me... again! I have already showed you the new Bauhaus starter but that is not all, Prodos also releases new Venusian Rangers for Bauhaus and new Mirrormen for Cybertronic. So as soon as these, and the Bauhaus starter is released I will make an order.

And then we have all that WH Fantasy Chaos stuff I also want, oh dear. But here's the pics.

Already have ten of the old KS, but I will get at least five more of the Venusian Rangers. Also nice with a token for their ability to put out mines on the battlefield. Hope to see more Tokens in the future.  

Have ten of the KS versions for these as well but these new ones are a HUGE improvement so I have to get more of them. 

A new pic that clearly shows the new Bauhaus starter, me want!

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