Thursday, 2 October 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Juggernauts

Unboxing time again, now it's the new (after the the first Kickstarter versions) Juggernauts for the Bauhaus Mega Corporation in Warzone: Resurrection. 

Here's what you get (no box as this is still KS version and not normal retail)

Nice and crisp details as always on the new Prodos models. 

Other side, still not a huge fan of the helmets but they work with some modifications *hint*

You get six cards, and some quite usefull as well. Oxygen Bomb can be really naughty in the right circumstances. 

Here is some built models, really easy do build but you don't get a huge variety as you only have the arms really to do something with.  

This is a late unboxing so I have already built, converted (the spikes on the helmets) and painted three of them.  A treat to paint up actually and I really like how they turned out as well. 
All in all a small box with three models that you can't do much with in terms of poses and different looks. You do however get high quality models when it comes to detail and design, for me the added spikes did a lot. Still not a huge fan of the helmets but I do really like the models as a whole and they where fun to paint up.

Can't compare it to the old KS versions as I didn't get any (got these instead) I'm a afraid but as I said this new kit is really nice, and they are good in game as well so if you're a Bauhaus player go out and get these. 

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