Monday, 13 October 2014

Miniature Monday: Space Marine Land Raider

First 40k model showed on this blog for ages it feels. And well this one isn't completely new, I painted this one in 2010 (!?). I never went up on the blog it seems though as I never got a really good picture of it.

Well I did some repainting and foremost did a lot of weathering on it, adding a lot of weathering powders (I used Kromlech Dark Dirt and Soot Black) and some Citadel Typhus Corrosion.

And below is the result, it looks more authentic now and a LOT dirtier. Might do some more changes to it, but this will have to do for now. Will actually do some more Wh40 stuff, but mostly repaints like this one for my Guardians of the Covenant as I got a little morale boost for this army when the author of 'The Dark Fortress' (a Dark Angel fansite) asked if he could put my pictures up on his site, which I gladly accepted of course. Check that the page with my GotC stuff here.


  1. Great reds on this tank. I really like the color variance in the red. I get scared of breaking up the monotone schemes sometimes...and here you go and show how awesome it can be...just break it up with some great weathering!

    1. Thanks Greg, I really new to weathering actually, so glad you liked how it turned out. It is intimidating to start weathering you models when they already look good before you do it. It does do wonders on models like these though.

    2. Something I've been learning as well Johan! Something you can always do (to help reduce your stress), is to seal the model before weathering it. That way you have an "undo" option if you don't like the way it is coming out!


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