Saturday, 17 July 2010

Kings of War

For you that haven't heard of the Kings of War range from Mantic Games, here comes a brief presentation of what it is. Mantic is rather new company that manufactures wargame miniatures, and their range is more truescale than for example GW's miniatures. So far mantic have done the Elf army, the Undead army and in the making of the Dwarf army. The best thing about their miniatures accept the look really nice is that they are far cheaper than the Games Workshop ones.

I bought the Malak's Legion of Death Army Deal and got all of this: Vampire Lord on Pegasus, Death Kings Cabal, 5 Limited Edition Revenant Knights, 5 Wraiths 2 boxes of Undead Warhost's, with 20 skeletons, 20 Revenants, 10 Ghouls and 1 Warmachine in each one. This deal costed £99, I also bought Mantic Journal Annual Subcription which also gave me Morgoth the Faceless for £10 with a shipping £8 and discount deal they had at the time of 15% I got all of this for the price of £92.65 great deal if you ask me.

Also check out Beasts of War's great coverage of Warhammer 8th Edition as well alot stuff about Mantic's miniatures, for example they have two of mantics fully painted undead and elf armies, I especially love the Elf Dragon. Check them out and sign up at

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