Friday, 30 July 2010

News: Kings of War ruleset!

If you like me are a fan of Mantic Games and their miniatures in Kings of War I think you will be pleased to hear that they will release a ruleset for their minatures. And what makes it even better is that Alessio Cavatore is making the rules for it. Beasts of War is having a Kings of War week where the head of Mantic Ronnie Renton actually announces this, there's videos with an interview with Alessio, they talk with Ronnie and they show some more Dwarf stuff. So if you haven't checked it out go to Beasts of War.

I found this picture of a painted Zombie at the Mantic Blog, I think he looks really nice. Really looking forward seeing more of these zombies and now they are up for advance order as well. I will buy them for sure, the only question is what kind of box I should get. Check them out, as well as the new Battlesets which looks really interesting as well at Mantic's webpage.

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