Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My current projects

As you may now I can't really keep my mind set on just one project, for example finish an army before I start or buy a new one. I think I need the diversity of models so I don't get bored. So this post is for showing what I do at the moment (even if I do this at the moment I will probably finish a lot of other models before I'm finished with this ones).

The first thing I've been talking about before and that's my third Raven Knight, I have painted most of the base colours on him and I think I will finish him quite soon.

Next thing is my Von Zeppel Steamtank, Im not in a hurry to finish this as I already have one painted and I think it is a little overkill to field two f them in my battles, even if they are really great now with Toughness 10!! First things I needed to to where to get rid of all the greenstuff which where everywhere on this model from the previous owner. Hopefully I don't need to strip off all the paint.

Lastly I got an urge to do some greenstuff work Nurglestyle! So here's my Possessed and one Mutant from my Possessed Warband, I want them to have an Nurgle theme because you get so much modelling opportunities.

For you guys who want to see more of my Undead force, I am also in progress of painting them as well. Look here for pictures soon.

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