Saturday, 17 July 2010

Undead Test Models

So have painted some of my Mantic Undead, the background for my army is that this is one of Nagash's armies. Patrolling around Nagashizzar and guarding the sleeping Lich King to once more try to take over the world. More on background story is to come, but with this story in mind I can make my undead army as an VC army or an Tomb Kings army.

My revenants, tried some lightningeffects, it looks decent I think. Also not sure which colors
I want to have on my shields. But I am trying different colour schemes.

For my skeleton test model I tried a red shield, and I think this looks a little bit better, thinks it's to much green on the revenant. Tried green glowing eyes on this one as well, thinks its look quite good, but need some training in this technique. For all three of this models I used the dipping technique with Army Painters Quickshade dark tone. Just basic colours at first, dipped them using a brush to get better control of quickshade. Then I highlighted the models and used Thraka Green Wash to get a greenish effect on the bones on the skeleton warrior and on the armour on the Revenant.

The Ghoul was very easy to paint. I painted the skin first with Tallarn Flesh with a little bit of Gretchin Green in it. Then I highlighted the flesh with the same formula but with a little bit of skull white in it. Then I painted the cloth with Calthan Brown, the Bandages (or whatever it is) with Dheneb Stone, the spikes with Boltgun Metal, and white in the eyes and some Blood red around the mouth. Splashed on some Quickshade, sprayed it with Purity Seal and done. Really simple and thinks he looks menacing.

Don't know what kind of bases I want for them, either muddy with dead grass and stuff or a snowy base.


  1. Quality work. I really like the Revenant shield, although, I think it is too much on the axe as well, and the Ghoul is superb.

    Keep up the good work, can't wait to see how the Knights work out.

  2. Thank you very much, yeah I think I have to agree on the thing with the axe. Hopefully my knights will arrive soon so I can have a go at them, can't wait either. I do wonder if its to much green with green shields, I think I need to try another colour. Nice that you liked them and really nice that you are my first subscriber :D

  3. i just recently bought some ghouls but my painting hasen't been going so well...

    nice job on yours though!


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