Monday, 19 July 2010

Warhammer 40k: GotC

Hello there, I took some more pictures of my Guardians of the Covenant. For you who don't know who this fellas are, its an successor chapter for the Dark Angels found in the DA Codex. You can also check them out at Lexicanum. Well here's some pictures of my take of them.

Here's my old metal venerable dreadnought, a lot of people don't like this model, but I kind of like it. Sure it's all metal and have a lot of details but I think it looks really good painted up. Now I just have four other dreadnoughts to paint. It looks a little to bright on the pictures though, hope I can sort all of this photo crap some day.

Here's my Terminator command squad. With my Belial count as called Duriel, you may have seen him somewhere else on the blog. Here's also one assault cannon terminator from the Space Hulk box. One Apothecary which I kitbashed with bitz from the Space Marine command sprue and terminator sprue and a head from one of the Dark Angel sprue's , fairly simple conversion. Also one sergeant with Power Sword and Stormbolter as well as one with the ordinary Stormbolter/Powerfist gear.

I don't paint a lot of 40 k at the moment but I have some figures painted so I will show them when I have taken decent pictures. Hope you like them.


  1. Hi! I've just started a Deathwing army and I was looking for a good conversion to Belial when I found yours. It's amazing! He doesn't look like so many dull conversions, and he still looks like a first class badass.

    The shoulders are the leg plates of a dreadnought, aren't they? And the body is the terminator sergeant of Assault on Black Reach, I guess. How did you do the robes? Are they greenstuff, or bits?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you and sorry for not replying to your comment for so long, it went totally under my radar I'm afraid. The body is actually Captain Lysander, and I changed to normal termie arms, and I green stuffed the hood and robes. You are right about the shoulder plates, but they are some spares from the Dark Angels vehicle sprue I believe.


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