Saturday, 17 July 2010

Warhammer 8th Edition

Well it's gone one week since the release of 8th Edition, haven't played anything yet (don't have many other players to play against) but I have tried to make a couple of army lists, read the rules and also painted some new stuff. First off I wanted to show you the poster I got because I was one of first two hundred that ordered my rulebook along with some other things (you had to have an order with a total value of 2000 sek (£150)). I ordered the gamers edition, one fortified manor, 1 corpse cart, 1 box of dire wolves, skull dice, the magic cards deck and all of the citizens of the empire along with a bsb holding the griffonbanner. Check some of the pics below.

Left: The poster with autographs from Jervis Johnson and John Blanche! Right: 8 Ed. book

Just for comparison, down below you have a picture of the 8th ed book besides the 7th editon and 5th and 4th of wh40k. It's that huge! Also a picture of the citizen of the empire, 2 duellists, one merchant and one scribe as well as the bear handler with his bear. The bsb snick in there as well. Great looking miniatures if you ask me, hoping that GW will make more of this kind of figures in the future.

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