Thursday, 1 November 2012

My WoC on White Dwarf Daily!

Thanks to Minitrol for bringing this to my attention or I may have missed it out totally. So on the daily blog over at the GW webpage called White Dwarf Daily they had a focus yesterday on some of my Warriors of Chaos, you can find the post here. This is of course really fun for me and I take great pride in this I must say, well I always do when people recognise and comment on my work. And it really works as a great motivator for me to continue painting my what it feels like never ending supply of miniatures.

So how did they find my work? All I did was to take some photos on some of my miniatures and then put them on GW:s  Flickr Group. So go and check that one out as well as there is so many good miniatures in there, and if you want to put your photos up there as well you may be in the next White Dwarf Daily. Anyhow the Flickr group is a nice way of showing other like-minded people your work as well as looking at others peoples greatly painted miniatures.

I know I haven't been doing much painting updates lately but I am painting again since after the move and everything. I'm currently painting a little bit of this and a little bit of that, like for example my Knights of Morr, Demigryph Knights, Khorne Lord on Juggernought, a Goblin Wolfrider and a new Deathwing Terminator is done and I'm currently working on a a painting tutorial on how I painted him. So there is more stuff to come, also I pre ordered some more WoC stuff yesterday. Two boxes of Skullchrushers and one Warshrine, no characters this time as I still have plenty of them that need some paint first. So until next time.


  1. Congratulations! I'm surprised you didn't known about it, I assumed that GW would contact you! It must be very gratifying.

  2. Its well deserved and I enjoyed booting up the GW page to see it was actually a blogger I knew about!

  3. Hehe, thank's a lot guys. Yeah it feels really gratifying :)


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