Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Empire: Unit filler WIP

As you may now I like do make Unit filler for my units, just to add some flavor to unit. But sometimes it's hard, and I find it extra hard for ordinary Empire state troops actually. But when I decided to go with more "Morr:y" feel on the army and I had these leftovers from War Altar this idea came to mind.

The whole army is around a big Morr graveyard so graves would be seen here and there, also the main enemy the army will be facing in terms of fluff is Vampire Counts so a occasional zombie or skeleton may be seen as well. So first I decided to go with the pillar grave, hand coming up from the ground and a vulture looking after something to chew on. First I thought of just adding one ore two soldiers standing before it but then I got this idea instead.

Put a drunkard in front of the grave not knowing what is trying to dig it's way up behind his back.  So I went with this idea, the whole thing may look a bit rough at the moment but I think it will look quite nice when it's done. What do you think? Should I add something or do something different, tell me anything you like.


  1. That's really cool. It would make a nice objective marker too.

  2. Thanks mate, yeah It can work perfectly as an objective marker too. That's one of the neat things with unit fillers, you can decide what it should look like and what to use it for.


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