Monday, 26 November 2012

100 000 Views!

Yeah that's right, this blog just hit a milestone today and went past the 100 000 views mark. Well it may not be much compared to 825 million views for PSY - Gagnam Style over at youtube and so on but I couldn't imagine that I would got this much views when I first started this blog in 2008! Yeah it's that old, and well it I didn't have many visitors at first with only 250-500 views each month from 08 to 10. This weren't strange at all though as I didn't update the blog that regularly and I didn't promote it much. In 2010 and even more in 2011 I did this though and added my blog to different wargaming blog networks and started to update the blog more regularly. And soon 2012 is over and for this blog it has been the best year ever with an all time high month in October with 16 722 views.

Enough with all the statistics though, it has never been the goal with this blog. Even though I of course want it to be as popular as it can. But the main thing about doing this blog is to try and inspire other people when it comes to painting, sculpting, or just to continue with this hobby I for one loves. And even if it takes a lot of time and effort it's all worth it when I get all the nice response from you guys reading and taking your time to write something in the comments.

So I'm glad to say I'm going to continue to write my post here and I also have some plans how to expand the blog further, with some permanent pages with Army Showcases for example, just to make it easier for you to find the stuff you are looking for. So, some new things coming in the future and if we look closer to now I can say I got the new WD late this time so I got it today. Have to read through it more before I post an review. I also have some of my projects going on and currently it's mostly about my Empire and Chaos Warriors and when talking about the Warriors I actually got all the stuff I ordered from Wayland last week so I have been assembling some of them more about what I'm doing right now further down.

Been painting my Juggernaught Lord and can't decide on the painting scheme I went with this brass colour for the main body and I was thinking of painting more red parts on the actual lord, also as you can see I need to re-base this dude so it fits with the rest of the new Skullcrushers.

Been painting more Greatswords which just need their bases finished and some final highlights, also have some more Halberdiers and the Demigryphs which I intend to finish next.

Well that's enough of my babbling, I hope you enjoy this blog and continue to visit it in future and for last I must say a big 'Thank you all' who visit this blog! It means much that people are interested in what I do and it's because of you I continue to do this, and I hope you will continue to visit this blog and find it interesting.


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