Thursday, 22 November 2012

News: Dec White Dwarf pics

A little late on the news about this today as I have been busy at work all day. I have not gotten my WD early this time around, but luckily we got pics from a Spanish blog called La Taberna de Laurana where you also can get additional info regarding the new Hobbit game that will be featured in Dec issue of WD.

Also got this info about all the Hobbit stuff from Warseer found here. All in Italic is from this thread.

Release: 1st of december, with Preorders starting 1 week ahead, november 24th. All info regarding the new boxed set should be in the new White Dwarf, december issue, which is released at the same day.
Guesswork: Pictures (leaked) from the new White Dwarf around the 20th of november, based on other releases.

In this wave: I've heard there will be only a boxed set this wave. Danny76 mentioned more miniatures are to be releases shortly after the movie hit's theatres, along with a standalone hardback rulebook

New set of Rules: A completly new set of rules, compatible with older LotR releases. The sourcebooks from earlier ths year should still be valid. This probably means that the basics of the game will remain intact, with tweaks for balance and an overall better flow in the game

Boxed Set : The Boxed set will be the first thing released for The Hobbit tabletopgame. It's name is "The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town" It is rumoured to contain scenery and more miniaturs then Dark Vengeance (that would put it over 48 miniatures). [i]most likely contains Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and Company. The opposing faction probably consist of the Great Goblin, Goblin forces, and could contain wargs, trolls, giant spiders, mountain giants and possibly gollum?.
Rumours of a limited edition have reached my ear. Nothing solid, though.
The price is located somewhere around 100€. For comparison to non-€uro currencies: The price for the Space Marine battalion is exactly 100 € atm.

This Release List showed up. Thanks for sharing!

Escape from Goblin Town Limited Edition: 100€ (56 figures!)
Hobbit Rulebook: 65€ (288 pages)
Hobbit Paint Set: 35€
Custom Figure Case: 50€
The White Council: 60€ (4 fig box)
The Trolls: 65€ (3 figure box)
Goblins of the Misty Mountains: 30€ (18 figure box)
Goblin Town: 45€ (scenery set?)
Hunter Orcs: 30€ (12 fig box)
Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs: 35€ (6 fig box)
Bolg: 20€ (clampack)
Narzug: 15€ (clampack)
Goblin Captain: 13€ (clampack)
Fimbul the Hunter (ft & mtd): 35€

Comment: After looking at the pictures and read some more about this I must say I'm a little disappointed actually. First of all that it's only Hobbit stuff as it looks like and no new 40k or WHFB stuff at all which some rumours suggested, I would have been delighted if there where some Dark Angels stuff in there as well So what about the actual shown content then? Well, I think the miniatures looks good., not fantastic, not bad but good. It also looks like a quite expensive game, which doesn't makes me jump up and down and makes me want to go out and buy this game. I do like the LOTR books and films and I also like the The Hobbit book and hopefully I will also enjoy the films. But from what I can tell from the info and pictures we got I can't see myself getting into The Hobbit miniature game, doing multible armies in both WHfb and 40k is expensive enough.

I must say though that even if I do have the first LOTR boxed game and some more minis I never really played a game so I can't really say if I like or not. But if you want an opinion from two dudes who actually played and really like the old game and it's expansions go and check my fellow bloggers blog post about it, it's good read for both LOTR gamers and we who never got into trying it out back in the day.You find the blog post here.


  1. Thanks for quoting our blog!

    Cheers, it´s a pleasure for us to be helpful to the community

  2. I've organised my various ramblings here

    TL;DR I like the models but its not sustainable and no significant improvements to the game. Sadface.

  3. Wolfen - Well it's me and the rest of the coomutiy who should say thanks to you who shared these pictures.

    Minitrol - Really interesting read, I have never played a LOTR game myself so it's nice to get a veterans perspective.

    Btw, I also linked to your blog post in this one when I edited it.

    1. Thanks - a friend and I had a lunch date and we talked about this at length. Still on the fence but the decider may be interest form my goblin he's old enough to start rolling bones now...


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