Monday, 28 January 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Progress

I'm afraid I have been lacking in the painting updates lately and that's because I haven't really finished anything yet. Also on Friday I got some major reinforcements for my GotC with my Waylandgames order finally arriving.

The strange part is my order from GW also arrived that day along with the latest White Dwarf. So I have had a lot of cool stuff to play with in the weekend but unfortunately not as much time, as we parents seldom have.

But I managed to do some stuff at least, building together the Deathwing Knights, started to build the Seraphim Fighter/Dark Talon (don't know which version I want, may try to magnatize or something). Of course I have also read the DA codex and thus far I really like it, a lot of options now compared to the old really restrictive codex. I have also read the new WD and I like the new WoC stuff. I have even made a new order with much of the WoC stuff, even though they are expensive as h**l. So no more GW stuff after that, at least until summer (except maybe some FW/WH Forge stuff)

Just assembled the Deathwing Knights and started to paint one of them up.

WIP photos of my Duriel (Belial Count as with Stormbolter and Sword of Silance) and a Assault Cannon Terminator

Tested out a new way of painting Power Swords, what do you think?
So at the moment I will be concentrating on GotC and WoC when the new stuff arrives, also in between I will do some Empire stuff like paint and convert those Knights. So expect more painting in the future as I have a crap lot to paint up :) 

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