Friday, 4 January 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Revived

The new Dark Angel Codex is soon upon us and as a DA player... or at least collector/painter I needed to set my mind on what I want to do. Continue on the GotC, start to paint up more Deathwing or even start another DA Successor chapter like Angels of Redemption or Absolution. And I finally I decided to continue on my GotC, but I needed something new as I didn't like the look of the ones I have previously painted.

I decided I needed one more colour for them, I decided to go with DA green as I need something more to tie them in with their parent chapter. I also think this was needed to give them a spot colour, before it was too much red and metal, it needed something more. So here's the first models I re-painted and well... just tell me what you think. All suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

First up is my Terminator Sergeant, just changed the aquila on the chest and the shield on his left shoulder. The blue Power Sword was an older remake and I'm still unsure of what colour I want on my Power Weapons, red, blue, green, metallic... I dunno. I also did some touch ups on the base to get some more colour. Please tell me what you think. Here's the old version. 

I also did a Power Armour guy, one with robes that isn't totally finished yet and this one without robes. I think you get most out of the robed marines as I thought there was to much red and needed something else to break it out. But I also think that the un-robed marines look better with some DA green added into the mix. First three are in the new colours and the last one is on a finished unit of Marines in just reds and metallic.

So, finally got my GotC mojo back which is nice, now I won't need to repaint everything into Deathwing or some other DA chapter. Some re-painting is needed though and I all the help I can get from you guys with suggestions and ideas is more than welcome. So bring it on!


  1. Those look great. i have a whole bunch myself. It's a nice easy scheme to do and looks nice on the table.

  2. Thanks Zab, yeah they are quite nice and easy to paint and that's nice because then you can focus on more details, little conversions etc. on them instead.

    Just realised you have a blog yourself, just added it to my blog roll and I hope you will post up some photos of your Guardians of the Covenant as well as the other Unforgiven models you have ;)

  3. I've started to collect a GotC army myself and like your remakes, especially the termie and how you paint the aquila. Which colours do you use on the aquila and the shield?

    I saw you wrote on an other post that you used DA green as base and then Warpstone glow as highlight. I've tried this myself but don't get the same result. Your colours looks so much more vibrant and green.


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