Thursday 24 January 2013

News: Changes to Skullcrushers and two more WD pics

It seems we will get some changes to Skullcrushers even if their stats and rules aren't that old. According to these really blurry pics people at Cotec (Chamber of the Everchosen forum) says Skullchrushers now are T4 instead of T5 but with 3 Wounds and more attacks as well as S6 for the Juggernought on the charge. Here's some info posted by the user Dondiego who also posted the pictures below. For more info visit this thread on Cotec

Written by Dondiego:

So it seems. but 3 wounds instead of 2, so combined with the 1+ save i think I prefer the latter ( but I don't have done the math)

Anyway even in the battle report Andrew Kenrick mention them as the Chaos' finest hard-hitters. However is the mark of khorne treated, 3 attacks of juggernaut + 2 of the rider to start with is brutal. I remember you on the turn it charges Juggernaut have Strength 6! Let's hope they contain the point cost.

Edit: it is barely visible on the top image, but the Chaos Lord on daemonic steed converted to Khorne is absolutely fabulous :Q

The forsaken kit costs a LOT but there are heads for each of the 4 chaos gods.

The chariot kit contains enough pieces to mount a character on the chariot with several weapon options

The dragonogre kit contains all weapon options


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  1. Changes to the crushers already? Unexpected, still, it indicates GW are keeping their eye on the rules, but also disconcerting that they felt the need to change them so soon.


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