Saturday, 12 January 2013

Showcase: Minotaurs Razorback finished!

I just got sudden whim, bought a Razorback from eBay and changed two side doors and repainted the whole thing. And now I have a finished Razorback in Minotaurs colours, with two Forgeworld Minotaurs doors, and a front which where there when I bought it, also from FW.

Think it turned out rather nice, I'm satisfied with the result and I love the look of the FW side doors and really made me want to try and paint up those FW Minotaurs characters I have lying around. I'm not an expert when coming to painting 40k vehicles so c & c is extra welcome.


  1. "I'm not an expert when coming to painting 40k vehicles"

    Bah! Your modesty is showing ;) That is a damn nice Razorback. I love the tarnish and that Chapter icon on the door is shaded so nicely. I really like the chapters of the later founding and this one is fast becoming an attractive option to me...

  2. Thank's guys.

    Zab - Haha, not getting yet another Space Marine chapter are you? But I agree, Minotaurs is looking really great, that's why I could resist to paint up one.


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