Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rumours: Some pics from the WoC Army book

Found some pictures over at Cotec showing stats for Chimera, Ghorebeast Chariot, Trolls, Chaos Knights, Chosen, Hellstriders, Chaos Warriors, Marauders, Forsaken and Manticore. These where posted by the user Rosstifer


  1. Cruddace strikes again. First he hits my Tomb Kings, then he goes after my Warriors of Chaos. I shudder to think what'll happen if he gets to my Tyranids.

    Oh, wait. Bugger.

  2. Yeah it seems the internal balance in the book is way of, and so far all of the Cruddance ab's/codexes seem to be poor in that apartment. I now the Empire book has a terrible internal balance and it looks to be the case here as well. But well, the balance in the current WoC book aren't exactly great either. I quite psyched for this book anyway and it looks like we can field Demon Princes in the future!

  3. obviously, those who played the broken list including chosen and warshrine and their infinite reroll will cry.

    Those who actually want some balance between book will rejoice.

  4. Yea, after they nerfed the Chaos Marine version of the Daemon Prince so much, I figured they would finally improve the Warriors one so they didn't lose model sales. Maybe that's their plan - have it suck in one book but be great in the other... The Daemon books will answer that, I suppose.


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