Thursday, 28 February 2013

WARZONE: £ 60k pledge level reached and pictures!

Well pictures are coming in everyday on the Facebook page, now there's also an official forum where you can share your thought's about the Beta rules and more. The forum can be found at: Here's some of the new pictures as well what bonuses there is for some of us pledger's.

Yes new units are now unlocked, can't wait to see how the models will look.
Awesomesauce! Can also be added to lower levels for £4. 
Early WIP for a Mishima Doomtrooper that we will get as a free bonus when pledging at Razide level or above, limited to this KS only.

Different head options for Necromutants, including mohawks!

They also showed us some different armour variants, remember these are still very much a work in progress.

Latest concept pictures of a Bauhaus Hussar, starting to look really good. 

A Cybertronic Hero character

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