Monday, 21 April 2014

Miniature Monday: More Undead Legionnaires!

I had a goal to finish painting up two Warzone Starter sets for Gothcon which where this weekend. And I actually did it, the Bauhaus starter is finished and now the Dark Legion starter is finished as well. The last Undead Legionnaires are now finished. It is really great to have these mini goals to make you paint even more just to get it done in time. 

And it feels great when you achieve what you set out to do and now when these two starter sets are finished I can concentrate on some other stuff, and that is mainly; paint more Warzone stuff. 

I want to 'upgrade' the starters now and I have a plan to paint up five Venusian Rangers and Max Steiner for my Bauhaus and two Necromutants and Golgotha for the Dark Legion. Between them I will probably start to paint some Imperial as well, but I'm still unsure about colour scheme here.

I must paint some WHFB stuff as well but It's hard to get the time for that right now, especially now when I have tried the game (Warzone: Resurrection ) and loved how it played. But if I get the time I want to finish up painting my Gyrocopter, a Dwarf cannon and two Chaos Trolls, I also must finish painting my Empire Celstial Hurricanum some day as well. Hate those not even half finished projects. Anyway that's all for know, as always comments are very much welcome.

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