Thursday, 24 April 2014

Unboxing: Warzone Imperial Golden Lions

Golden Lions are a classic Imperial unit that has gone through some major changes both in looks and fluff in the latest version. But more about that in the summery further down. 

Really cool front cover on the box, shame we don't get an head with this gas mask though.

Manual on how to build them, two sprues and three 40 mm round lipped bases.

Six cards, one for the unit description with all the stats, equipment and special rules. Two Strategy Cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear cards for your deck building.

Here's the assembled team of three Golden Lions, looking all menacing and brutal. I know understand that the new look with heavier armour and more close combat orientated weapons isn't approved by all. And yeah they do look different but I must say I really like the new look. And what's better is that they now aren't just Blood Beret's in red camo armour but something different.

The models all have great details as expected from Prodos and where very easy to assemble. They did have some minor flash and like two mold lines in total but that was it, pretty much non existent.

If I would say something that is negative it's the fact that they aren't so customisable, also I would have liked to see at least one different head (like the one on the front cover for example) to give them a more varied look. But other than that I'm really happy with the models and I'm eager to paint them up. Still unsure if I will go with classic red armour or not though. 

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