Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Blood Berets

I was really lucky I actually got two boxes of these on the Saturday during Gothcon, the Imperial stuff sold like crazy! Anyway, here's my second unboxing of the new Warzone: Resurrection stuff and now it's time for the pride of the Imperial corporation, the Blood Berets.

All the contents in the Blood Berets box, five miniatures with Plasma Carbines, backpacks, five round lipped bases and six cards.
No front cover on this box yet I'm afraid
Awesome poses and details

Backpacks is a must if you aren't up for some serious green stuffin
The Plasma Carbines an backpacks sprue

This sprue don't come in the box but as an add on which you have to buy separate. The Heavy Chain Rippers looks really cool though. 

Nice layout on the cards as always
And now some pictures showing the assembled models. I haven't glued the models holding their weapons with both hands so to make it easier to paint. The CC wielding models aren't glued at all because I want magnetize them. Which should be quite easy on these models.

Overall the models looks really nice and detailed. There's hardly any cleaning of the models either and they are easy to assemble. The only thing I think could be improved is to have the CC weapons pack in the actual box from the beginning (this is no biggie though). Also because the head, torso, legs are all in one there are of course limitations on how diverse they look, so separate heads and legs in future would be nice to get some more variety in the squads. Other than that lovely models and a great kit, can't wait to have them painted. 


  1. The original Blood Berets were some of my fav's of the Warzone range (Trenchers were tops though.). At first when I saw the new Golden Lions, I feared these would look as bad, but that is most certainly not the case. So much so that I may well have to get a squad sometime soon.

    Looking forward to your painted versions!

  2. They look great, seems like the quality of casting has improved since KS.

  3. Dai - No the Golden Lions and Blood Berets are totally different beasts now. But I think it's great actually, and I I really do like the new Lions as well. Painting a test model for the Blood Berets so you will probably not have to wait that long.

    Viruk - It sure has, the new sculpts are top notch.

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