Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Unboxing: Warzone Imperial Brigadier Rist

Or Brigadier Sir P.D. 'Righteous' Rist to be more precise is the only named Warlord choice for Imperial so far. Rist is a new character and is made from the so called "Fourth Battlebrother" (a big pledge lvl in the WZ:R Kickstarter which meant you could design (with Prodos) your own character). So lets take look on what we get in to box then shall we?

Sprue with the miniature, how to build manual and an 40 mm round lipped base
You also get six cards, one for the profile of Rist and his special abilities. And you get two strategy cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear card for you deck building needs.

I must say I really like how this miniature looks, not to much fiddly details but the ones that are there are really nice and crisp. The model and facial expression holding a phone like that is really nice and brings a lot of character to the model and there are some nice little touches like the gas mask hanging from his belt for example. 

Almost no cleaning was needed and there where no problems at all gluing him together. Looking forward getting him paint and see him kick some ass on the battlefield with his ‘The Blessed’ Interceptor SMG.


  1. Nice one :) hope more of Imperial coming soon !!!

  2. Thanks guys, it will be more Imperial soon :)

  3. The handset's design looks weird as military equipment, my first reaction was the officer screaming "Where's the f***ing air support!?" into a banana :D


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