Monday 7 April 2014

Miniature Monday: Warzone Hussar Squad Leader

I was working on my Dwarf Gyrocopter and thought I would show you that one this Mini Monday. But as I want to attend Gothcon in ten days I need to finish two of my Warzone starters so the work on that one had to halt.

Instead I have this mission, ten days to complete:

5 Bauhaus Hussars
5 Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires
1 Alakai the Cunning

Bonus if I can complete these reasonably fast:

4 Bauhaus Venusian Rangers

So not an impossible mission to accomplish I might even get to the Bonus objective but I seriously doubt I will have them finished as well.

So the Miniature Monday for today is the first of the last five Hussars, a squad commander. I made some stripes on the sides of the shoulder pads to show his rank, what do you think?

First WZ:R model I did some small conversions on, I made the remote/sensor/gps/walkietalkie thingie with a small resin part and some green stuff and just re arranged the arms a little. 

The last four Hussars, not that much to do on them luckily or I would never make the deadline.

The painted WZ:R collection so far, this will be much bigger by the end of the year. 

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