Monday, 21 April 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Greyhound

With the recent retail packaging of WZ:R miniatures I thought it could be nice to have some unboxing blog posts now when they actually come in boxes. All of the first batch of these is the stuff I bought at Gothcon and first up is the Imperial Greyhound Tankette. I will also get a second one of these from the Imperial starter when I get my Prodos Web order.

So this is how the boxes look like for all the WZ:R stuff so far accept the Starter boxes. It's nice and bog clampacks which actually are easy to open up and and then re close. Really nice artwork and design on the front as well. 

When we open the we can see the actual model in two pieces and the base. At the back of the front cover we get an instruction how to build it (not that complicated in this case :P ) There's also website addresses to both the Prodos shop and Warzone game webpage.

We get six cards as well in the box, five for advanced games card decks and one unit description card and these are bloody awesome. It makes it so much easier to have all the cards on the board and just look at them when looking up what RS your unit has for example, instead of flicking trough your rulebook all the time.

With just two parts the Tankette weren't to hard assemble. I haven't cleaned this model at accept where I cut it off the the sprue. So you can see ther's hardly any moldlines ore defects at all. And the detail is just stunning, the miniatures Prodos have done before in the Kickstarter is something of the best Iv'e seen but these new stuff they are producing is taking it one step further and is looking really amazing.

I wasn't sure about an Tankette for Imperial but now when I have it and have seen in in the flesh I must say I really like the look of it. Also, hearing war stories about the wreaking havoc in the enemy lines doesn't make less cool either. Watch out for more unboxings soon!

If you want to see more Warzone unboxings visit GMorts Chaotica blog, where he has many really nice and detailed unboxings of all the Starter sets and more. Well worth a look!

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