Friday, 11 April 2014

Warzone: Imperial release and PDF rules!

We have seen the new Imperial models for some time know, I just haven't had time to write about it until now. The other day we also got the first PDF rules for the Imperial models that is going to be released the 12th of April on Salute. I won't be there but I have pre ordered the stuff that we can pre order at the moment on the new Prodos Shop site. I bought one Imperial Starter, one box of Golden Lions and one Hurricane Walker. I also bought wound counters and the new Valpurgius model. The Blood Berets and Commander model isn't up for pre order yet so I have to wait a little to get them.

Here's some pictures of the stuff I ordered and you can find the PDF rules (with fluff as well!) for Imperial at;

Love the look and feel of the new PDF rules for Imperial

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