Monday, 23 June 2014

Miniature Monday: Warriors of Chaos repaint? and tokens..

Some of you might now I'm a real sucker for repainting my armies (I'm currently in the process of repainting my ex ungreenskinz for example). Until now I was content with how much of my WoC army looks. It is one thing that do bother me a little though, my blue warriors which aren't marked Tzeentch. I painted them blue anyway and did other things to mark them out as Nurgle etc. I where never sure about this route though and now I have decided to try something else.

Black/grey Warriors of Chaos with added rust for Nurgle, extra brass parts on Khorne etc. And small edge highlights with "their colors" this makes them still stand out, look good together with my other blue Tzeentch warriors and monsters and make them look more like they should in my opinion. Another thing that is that it makes it less tedious painting all the blues all the time.

Please help me out here once again as you did when I was unsure about my ungreenskinz. Below are my first black Nurgle test model, repainted from the blue version. What do you think, which one looks the best and do you think that my ideas will work and still make it look like a cohesive army?

Also in this Mini Monday, two tokens in very different styles for Warzone: Ressurection!

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  1. Personally I'd go with the new scheme. It looks much better in my opinion. Looks a lot more gritty and menacing than the "toylike" paintjob you had previously on them.

    For Chaos I've always thought that varying units look a lot better. Fits better in the Hordes of Chaos ideology where different roaming bands are united. Like the Varangian Guard of old, diversity is what unites them :)


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