Sunday, 1 June 2014

Unboxing Warzone: The new Brotherhood Starter Box

I actually already had the old Brotherhood Starter from the KS but I really liked the look of this new one so I had to get it as well. The new box compliments the old one quite well, you got Cardinal Dominic, 1 Judicator and 10 Troopers in the old box (at aprox 520 Pts, only the Cardinal is 275 Pts!). In the new box on the other hand you get 2 Inquisitors, 10 Troopers and 1 Judicator at 335 Pts. So a lot less points but much more utility from the new box in my opinion.

Because if you buy this box, you do get a great start. You need to buy an Warlord as well though, but you can choose anyone you want instead of having to get Dominic and buy a second Warlord if you want someone else. Instead you get Inquisitors who is really nice in the game and they can either be in their own squad or upgraded squad leaders for your troopers. So get this box, a Warlord of your choice and maybe a support unit and you get an nice 750 Pts force or even more with 'Art' upgrades.

Anyway on to the unboxing then.

The back of the box actually shows you the contents of the old style troopers and Judicator and I actually got a little bit worried I had got the wrong when I ordered :P

All the stuff you get, apart from the models and cards you also get a set of two D20.

The new Inquisitors looks awesome and where really easy to assemble.

Not only is there a new design for the Judicator it now also have two different head variants and options for either two Crusader Cannons or one Cannon and a Retaliator Broadsword.

You get two of these sprues and even if they look the same you can get to look different by combining different set of hands to the models. Also you get one Scoped Weapon on each Weapon sprue, you didn't get any on the old ones.

Better details overall as you will see on the comparison shot with an old Trooper.

8 Cathedrals and 4 Stat cards

7 Gear Cards

10 Strategy Cards

And 45 Tactical Cards, so a total of 74 cards? Should be 75 but I may have missed something, oh well..

Here's assembles versions of both the old and new Judicator. I don't dislike the old one, but the sword is a pain to keep straight (even if I have used hot water several times) and it has much poorer details compared to the new one. So a big step up there. 

The newer troopers also got much better details and looks more slim. I like the look of both of the so I don't regret getting the KS starter. I don't think I will mix the new with the old but for different looking troopers in different squads it's great. You can say they have different marks of armor or something, happens all the time in 40k. 

I  have one little issue with the new models though, the arms looks very slim. Not a huge deal as you won't see them much anyway but I think it would have looked even better if they where a tad more beefier. 

The whole crew assembled (not all is glued together though)
 So all in all I really like the new kit, can't compare it directly with the old kit because I don't have the cards etc. in that one but if you look at utility from the models in the box, the details, design and overall quality of the models the new box is far better than it's predecessor. And I do recommend it to all Brotherhood players old and new if you haven't this box. Go out and get it now! It's a great compliment to an existing force and also as a start (as a Starter box should be) for any who would like to start an new Brotherhood army. But remember to get an Warlord as well.

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