Friday, 27 June 2014

Imperial: Trenchers Squad 1 finished!

I have almost full focus right now on painting up most of my Imperial force before everything else on my painting to-do list. And here's what I want to have painted and how my progress is:

Red = Just primed -- Orange = Painting started -- Green = Finished

2 Imperial Commanders
1 Brigadier Rist
5 Trenchers
5 Trenchers
5 Blood Berets
3 Golden Lions
1 Hurricane Walker
1 Greyhound Tankette

As you can see, not that much left. Sure after this I have another five Blood Berets, three Golden Lions, one Greyhound and two Imperial Doomtroopers to complete everything of my Imperial but I think with the above I have a decent painted starting force which I can play with (just might need to convert a Blood Beret custom hero or two though).

After all I have plenty of other things to paint up as well and after these are finished I will paint up some Warhammer models again, and probably WoC or Empire. I also want to paint up my Malifaux models as well as my other Warzone forces, so much to do and so little time. Oh well here's the pictures of my latest finished models, the Imperial Trenchers, really lovely models and so iconic for the Mutant Chronicles universe.


  1. Sweet looking troops! Wonder how they would mix in with the original sculpts?

  2. Cheers guys!

    Dai - Don't have the originals I'm afraid so can't really do ant comparison but from I can gather from my other old Warzone models compared to the new ones is that the new ones are both taller and look much more true scale in their proportions compared to the old sculpts. You see that the old ones is heroic scale and these new ones are not.

    So don't think they match that great I'm afraid. Although I'm toying with the idea of using some parts from my older models for conversion, even heads.


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