Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Imperial: Blood Beret Squad finished!

The Blood Berets are the best of the best, universally renowned military elite of the Imperial
Special Forces. The long history of the regiment started 1125 years ago when the Murdoch Clan resolved to muster a special force to counter the new threat of the Dark Symmetry. Time after time
the regiment has proven itself both fiercely loyal to the Serenity and all she stands for and highly
competent at dealing with all forces, human and otherwise, which threaten the interests and welfare
of the corporation and mankind generally. Their cold blooded effectiveness has made them
one of the most feared and well respected forces in the solar system; often, even, a warlord of the
Dark Legion shudders with annoyance and frustration when it becomes clear that the Blood Berets
stand between him and his goal.

From Imperial Corporation PDF

This was going to be a 'Miniature Monday' post but I could not manage to get them completely finished. Now they are though and I'm quite happy with how they turned out and how a whole squad of Blood Berets looks.

They take time to paint though and most probably that is because I'm still unused to paint camo patterns, but that is something I need to get used to now when I paint up a lot of Warzone miniatures.

Great looking miniatures for one of my favorite regiments in the Mutant Chronicles universe, and a treat to paint up as well. Almost no mold lines and easy to attach and detach the arms until I had painted everything I needed before gluing the arms on.

As always any comments are most welcome!


  1. Outstanding paint job, love the camo! Any chance you can describe your method and the colours used for the camouflage?

    1. Really sorry for this really late answer to your comment Andreas, have totally missed it out. first of all thanks, I'm really happy with how they turned out and I'm working five more with chainrippers right now. As for the colors and how I did I might do an tutorial later on. But here's the basics for the camo. I started to paint the model green with army green (army painters warpaints) on a black primer and them washed the whole thing with green ink (warpaints). Re highlight army green again and paint on the dark green camo patterns with angel green (warpaints) next I do fine lines to "frame" the dark green areas with Necrotic Flesh (also warpaints). Hope this helps somewhat despite the fact that this answer is like a half year to late :(

  2. Haha, no problem! Your timing is not too bad actually, got my second kid shortly after my comment, and as you know all projects tends to be put on hold for a while when babies are born. Now I'm getting back into painting again and your reply on the colours and method used is highly appreciated!

    1. Varsågod! Glad to hear that, and congratz for the little one (got my second one as well last year so I know how it effects your hobby time). If you have any more questions just ask and good luck with your painting :)


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