Sunday, 8 June 2014

Warzone: Heroes of the Solar System free PDF released!

Finally today Prodos Games released their latest PDF (still Beta) of how to do your own heroes for your WZ:R force. We already have this rules in the rulebook but these are much extended and lets you customize your hero so much more. That's not all though you also get new units, heroes and squad commander upgrades, with fluff and everything. You see that a lot of work has been put into making this and I'm very eager to try and make different custom heroes.

Here's what you get besides the different Hero making tables.

Shiryo-X (Warlord/Lord)
Tatsumoto (Lord)
The Screaming Devil (Crimson Devil SC upgrade)

Timothy McGuire (Warlord/Lord)
NCO Sergeant Benjamin Taylor (NCO upgrade)

Dark Legion
Nepharites of Algeroth (Lord)
Praetorian Goliath (Praetorian Stalker Squad Commander upgrade)
Nasca Razide (New Support squad)

The Iron Lady (Heavy Infantry SC upgrade)

'Lukas' The Sacred Initiate (Brotherhood Trooper or Sacred Warrior SC upgrade)

Pieter ‘The Shield Dimond - (Mirrorman SC upgrade)
Exterminateur ‘Attila’ MK.I ("New" Light Vehicle)

Baron von Jaeger III (Bauhaus Artillery Korps upgrade)

So go and take a look for yourselves, but remember it's still Beta so things is subject to change in the future.

Download it here!

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