Monday 30 June 2014

Miniature Monday: Mordheim Riekland Captain

I'm dabble with Mordheim from time to time, haven't played it in like ten years or so but really want to try it out again. Anyway, I have a lot of nice Mordheim miniatures which I'm considering was the golden age of Game Workshop produced games and miniatures. So expect some more Mordheim in the future.

This model however is a count as Riekland captain and is painted as an Ostermark captain. Always thought it was odd that Ostermark didn't get any warband considering that Mordheim actually was the former capital city of Ostermark. Don't know if the Riekland rules makes most sense but I went that route because I already had some miniatures painted which I bought from eBay.

This is such a miniature, painted up really nice as well so I didn't want to change it up to much. Repainted the cloak to Ostermark colors from Stirland, redid the metals, the shield and added some highlights and changed the base to make it work with my Empire army which I may have him in at some point. 

Happy with him in the end, a lot of character in the actual sculpt which I think we had in most of the old Mordheim sculpts. Anyway that is all for now, hopefully I will bring you more Mordheim stuff in the future. 

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