Thursday, 12 June 2014

Warzone: Imperial Hurricane Walker finished!

I have worked on this model for a while, I started with the airbrush to prime it, and paint on the came. I had some mishaps with the blu tac I used to cover when I did the camo (when I removed it some paint came along). But in the end this model was a big learning experience, not just by using air brush (for the initial steps) but to paint a vehicle and add some dirt, damage, soot and what not.

So a lot learned and in the end I'm also very satisfied with the result, it is a really cool model and I hope you guys think I did it justice.


  1. Nice paintjob on the model! Turned out nicely even if you had some problems.

    I'd recommend not using blue-tac to mask things off. It's a bit too sticky and can quite easily take off some of the bottom paint layer. I've been using Panzer Putty as it is not as sticky and it's easier to shape than bluetac. Silicon putties are pretty much the same stuff and can be found at toy stores.

    Some other basecoat might also help. I've had issues with the Vallejo primers that I use through an airbrush, especially on really smooth surfaces that need masking later. A thin coat of automotive primer from a can seems to do the trick in helping bind everything to the surface.

    1. Yeah I have learned the things you mention the hard way already. Blu-tac is to sticky as you say and I have the same experiance with the Vallejo primer, it goes off really easy. For example you sometimes notice that you missed to clean a moldline or something, normally you just cut of that part and the rest of the primer sticks but with the Vallejo Airbrush Primer you get chunks of it going of if you cut anywhere. A normal spray can primer first is probably the way to go.

      Thanks for suggestons mate and glad you liked the end result.

    2. Lovely model. Very clean with good shading and depth, on a very interesting base.

      Also good tips on the panzer putty samuli!


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