Saturday, 21 June 2014

Starting Malifaux and X-Wing!

You could have thought that when you have like a thousand or so of unpainted miniatures that you just can't get rid of other than to actually paint them, you should not get any more. You have plenty to do already! Well I'm not that kind of guy and even if I do paint more and more stuff each year, so my unpainted collection also gets bigger and bigger, there's just so much cool stuff out there!

One thing I had before though was that I didn't spread into different game systems, for many years it was just Warhammer Fantasy and Wh40k until some years ago when I also bought some Mantic Kings of War stuff. Then came the kickstarters, and even If I resisted many of them last year I could not resist Warzone: Resurrection, Deadzone and Robotech: RPG Tactics so I added three more game systems last year. And now it's time for two more!!


I have been checking this game system out for quite a while but could not resist any longer. In the end I bought a M2E Rulebook, a Fate Deck and the Open Graves box (punk zombies are just too cool). The reason I needed some models and want to try this game is because of four main reasons.

1. Really cool and unique looking miniatures.
2. No dice but it's based on normal playing cards, interesting.
3. Steam Punk Western setting? Yes please.
4. You don't need that many models for a game (I will buy much more though, they are just too cool)


Another game I have heard so much good things about is X-Wing from Fantasy Flight games. I finally did the jump into the game just some hours ago when I bought a package of several ships from an auction site (Tradera, swedish eBay) as you can see below. I follow my normal philosophy about these things, if you go in you go in big. Down below are the reasons I got into this game.

1. You don't need to paint them, hurray!
2. Starwars is Starwars, and well most of us have loved the ships since we where young.
3. Heard so many good things about the rules, and it sounds easy and fun but also tactical.

Yeah well what all for now, you will probably see some articles and post about these game systems in the future, so keep coming back ;).

Just bought it so I haven't received this lot yet. Eager to have it in my hands though. 

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  1. Malifaux is awesome. Some of the most fun miniatures to paint I've seen.


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