Monday, 7 July 2014

Miniature Monday: Savage Orcs greenskinized!

Strange title but if you saw an post I made a while ago (found here) you understand what I mean. I have made my ungreenskinz green, not by that much though in my opinion and I do think I like this version better and I think it will make the the whole army more diverse. Also I feel much more inclined to work on my greenskins now, even though I have several other projects I need to do before I start to work more on them.

Not much more to add really but big thanks to you who helped me decide. I much appreciate it and I hope you like the result (the ones who wanted me to change that is :P).

I kept the old skintone on the Savage Ogre here to make him stand out more. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous unit, well done!!

  2. Thank you very much Jugger I really like the savages as well. Really colorful unit

  3. Love the skintone they have now. Very similar to how I'm doing my 40k orks!


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