Monday, 14 July 2014

Miniature Monday: X-Wing repainted!

One of the best things with X-Wing: The Miniatures Game is that the ships comes pre painted, for a lot of people anyway. For me this is still the case but as a painter I have to paint some, despite the original paintwork being okey at least.

I will not to any massive re paints though, I will not strip the paint (don't see the reason for this at all to be true) and will not spray over the whole miniature to start from scratch. Might do this later on with some ships but for the majority a little re painting will do the trick for me.

And that is what Iv'e done here. I used the original colors and shaded it and then highlighted it up to this result. Will upload a Tutorial on how I went on soon!

Not sure about how this looks, might need a redo for the engine lights. 

Comparison with an model without any repainting. 

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