Thursday, 3 July 2014

Warzone: Resurrection KS Wave 2 arrived today!

Awesome news guys, my much awaited wave 2 of missing cards, miniatures, parts etc. finally arrived today. Oh the joy you can get from little plastic soldiers, it's crazy!

Some facts then.

  • The resin is much better now and the details are much better, almost wished more of my stuff was in wave 2 :P
  • Prodos are very generous, If I said I had some parts missing or was misshaped they didn't even asked for pics I got replacements anyway.
  • And as a follow up for the above... some models I even got complete whole new models and not just the part which was defect.
  • Love all the stuff and I'm so glad I participated in this Kickstarter.
  • One negative, I did not get all the ten Armoured Chasseur heads which was missing, just five of them.
  • Still.... that was all. Everything else was there and as you can see there where plenty of stuff so I'm not complaining at all about this. 
  • Big thanks to Prodos Games for a great KS and love the way you are going forwards promoting the game and making more lovely miniatures for this awesome setting of Mutant Chronicles. 

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