Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Unboxing/Review: Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter Exclusive card set

Did find a little hard to call this a unboxing as there is no box! It's just a bag.. with cards... Well I went with the title anyway as the principle is the same.

So this is about the 30 card Exclusive card set you got in the KS if you participated at a certain level. Seems this won't be allowed in most tournaments, but it's nice to have none the less.

So what it is then? Well it's some chosen cards from across the different faction decks in one deck to be use with any faction. Some really nice cards as well and I especially like the resource cards. Well on to what we are dealing with here.

You get four Strategy cards, I especially like Aerial Barrage, Field resources and Seize the Initiative which I think can work really good in some lists.

I don't see any game breakers here really but all decent cards. 

We have some really decent cards here which can work wonders in some lists. One example is for a Blood Beret (with Plasma Carbines )  heavy Imperial list I would love to have the Thermo Instability card. And there's plenty of other useful cards here. 

These cards are also quite useful as you in Advanced games sometimes don't have enough with just your eight Starter Set resource cards. Well here's a good alternative then, the beautiful Exodus cards. 
 Well that's all. The firs that I thought when I first saw these cards is that they probably are best looking cards in layout and looks. Nice and clean and well I really like how they look. Other than that it is a nice addition and cool KS exclusive to have even if it won't be allowed in most tournaments. The Exodus cards though for example you can use how much you want and they are really nice cards to fill out your resource cards with.

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  1. It seemes you're missing one Tactical Card - Foresight. Try contacing Prodos. They've send me some cards I was missing.


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